MAKEUP: 30 Day Makeup Challenge

Do you know that nagging feeling you get sometimes, pushing you to finally get your shit together? Even though I've been successfully ignoring it for the past 26 years, the sense that I needed to get off my lazy butt and work on something just wouldn't leave me alone. So, I decided to up my motivation and makeup game by taking up a 30 day makeup challenge. However, some quick googling - and a lot of procrastination - soon showed that none of those challenges were really up my alley. Rather than struggle through a list with looks that didn't excite me enough to be motivating, I decided to make my own.

The idea is not so much to do one look every single day because let's be honest, I couldn't stick with that at gunpoint; I'd rather finish all of these at my own pace and in random order to minimize the chances of me giving up. Keep an eye on my Instagram to (hopefully) see the results, or just flood me with comments asking why I'm not sticking with my own goddamn challenge.

Do you have any more ideas or additions for a makeup challenge? I've tried to include very simple as well as more creative looks to keep the challenge interesting and achievable. Feel free to draw inspiration and give some of these looks (or even the entire challenge) a try; please show me your results if you do.

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