PLAYLIST: Ghosts of Dystopia

Turns out I hadn't shared my playlist from last Bunkerleute yet. Considering that the next party is already in less than a month, I think I have good reason to be ashamed of myself. I do have a good reason for my silence, though; Joshua and I moved in together at the start of October. Turns out actually adulting takes up a lot of time and money (my wallet is weeping) and when I come home at night, all I want to do is curl up in a ball, stuff my face with anything at all and ignore everything else.
In anticipation of a decent post, I hope you enjoy these playlists.
Ghosts of Dystopia - Part 1 from CatacombKitten on 8tracks Radio.
Tiny Monsters - Puscifer 
The Space in Between - How to Destroy Angels 
Simple Death - Chelsea Wolfe 
Small Town Witch - Sneaker Pimps 
Here She Comes - Kai Altair Horsemen - New Model Army 
Love is a Battlefield - Death in Rome 
She's In Parties - Bauhaus 
Suicide Landscape - The Beauty of Gemina 
Blackspots - 65daysofstatic 
Sand - Lebanon Hanover 
Farewell - Deine Lakaien 
Fade to Grey - Visage
Schéma Corporel - Automelodi 
Ghosts of Utopia - IAMX 
Cardinal Directions - Thoushaltnot
Ghosts of Dystopia - Part 2 from CatacombKitten on 8tracks Radio.
Marche Funèbre - Soap&Skin 
Are Friends Electric - Gary Numan
Afterthoughts - We Are Temporary
Beat and the Pulse - Austra
Redlights - Salem
40 Days - The Exploding Boy
Unseen Footage from a Forthcoming Funeral - Nicole Sabouné
Katarsis - She Past Away
Between Our Body Shapes - Tanz Ohne Musik
Suffer Well - Depeche Mode
I.O. 1987 - Astari Nite
Pain Decay - Harmjoy
Ran - True Zebra
Vampyre Erotica - Inkubus Sukkubus
Love Like Broken Glass - Cauda Pavonis
Kiss (Club Mix) - London After Midnight 
As always, feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, and constructive criticism below. I'll try to get back to something resembling a blogging schedule soon.