OUTFIT: Small Town Witch

Sometimes, just sometimes, an outfit is just as perfect as you'd hoped it would be. At least, that's how I felt about this look; maybe I'm blind and everyone's just too polite to tell me. This particular outfit seems to have just the right amount of witchy vibes while still being perfectly wearable; 'small town witch on her day off' is exactly my kind of look.
Hat: H&M - Dress: Asos - Cardigan: Bershka - Tights: Hema - Boots: Doc. Martens - Necklace: Killstar - Backpack: Killstar
Ever since I got this dress, I've forgotten what it's like to not own it; it was exactly the item still lacking from my life. I've worn it to go out, but also at work and on casual Sundays. It's incredibly versatile and different kinds of accessories can change it up entirely. I'm also very fond of these Doc. Martens, they have the most gorgeous purple shine to them. And yes, that means that technically I'm not wearing all black, even I am shocked.

Let me introduce you to the love of my life that has already broken my heart: this new Killstar bag. Everything about it is perfect, except for the fact that it clearly can't handle the way I use bags; to me, a bag is not just an accessory. I don't expect it to carry my pet rock or the entirety of Tolkien's collected works but as a rule, I will carry around the bare necessities. Apparently this bag couldn't handle that. Even after only a couple of uses, the fabrics at the bottom of the straps has ripped and it's left me devastated. To be fair, this is the first time that I've been disappointed by Killstar, but that doesn't make my heart less broken, dammit!

Along with the bag, I also ordered this necklace that had been on my wishlist forever. Sadly it doesn't show up too well on pictures against my black outfit (#2goth2live) but I can assure you, it's an absolutely gorgeous piece of jewellery, made from some very sturdy material, which is a major plus when you're always bumping into everything.

Do you any of you have a go to look for days when you'd rather not bother? I've finally upgraded from 'fluffy burrito' to 'small town witch'. Maybe one day I will be allowed to join the goth cabal after all.

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