MUSIC: Death in Rome

Confession: every now and then, I listen to pop music... and enjoy it. Completely horrible, I know, I'll banish myself to the inner circle of hell this instant. Luckily I'll be in good company: Death in Rome's new album, Hitparade, was released a few weeks ago. The band has created a sound that is the amazing love child of pop music and neofolk. As a lover of all things seemingly off and out of place, I was swept off my feet instantly.

You don't necessarily need to be aware of contemporary pop music in order to enjoy Hitparade. I was completely surprised by how amazing some of these songs really were; never had I expected that I'd actually, unironically adore covers of Barbie Girl, Pump up the Jam or my personal favourite, Love is a Battlefield. Not that I'd ever actually need an excuse to sing along to pop songs, but I'm trying to maintain the illusion that I'm a goth queen.

The limited edition of the album contains two cd's (Hitparade and RIP lounge) and a grand total of thirteen songs (because of course). Even though some tracks work slightly better as neofolk covers than others, the album is a neat, polished whole with a very good sound. Not only that, the album is also some plain old fun (which is a severely underestimated quality in music) and sure to be a hit on the dancefloor.


Fun fact: Death in Rome's lineup is shrouded in mystery, but rumour has it that the band name might contain a few clues...

What do you think of Death in Rome and unlikely cover bands? Unforgivable or stroke of genius? I just can't seem to help myself, it's my kryptonite.