PLAYLIST: Bunkerleute - Dark Underground Party

As you may have gathered from my previous outfit post, another Bunkerleute has come and gone. That means I have yet another playlist to share. My second set went several miles out of my comfort zone with some harsh electro tracks; it was an interesting experiment but I'm not sure whether I'll repeat it. I'm an ethereal kinda girl after all.
Sadly 8tracks seems to have stopped working properly in 'my region' so I have no idea whether these will actually work; I'll have to find an alternative soon so if anyone knows a good website or app to easily make and share playlists, be sure to let me know.

Bunkerleute - Dark Underground Party - Part 1 from CatacombKitten on 8tracks Radio.

Black Sheep – Metric
Amnesia – Dead Can Dance
Sova – Anna Von Hauswolff
A Strange Day – The Cure
Gods & Monsters – We Are Temporary
Lightning Field – Sneaker Pimps
Bela Lugosi’s Dead – CHVRCHES
Heart of Glass – The Exploding Boy
The Shadows Are You – kiss the anus of a black cat
Asylum – Jessica93
Asimilasyon – She Past Away
The Night (1988 Deathrock Version) – Aurelio Voltaire
Man Overboard – Puscifer
Cursive Eve – I:Scintilla
Port Isabel – Led Er Est
Pump Up the Jam – Death in Rome

Bunkerleute - Dark Underground Party - Part 2 from CatacombKitten on 8tracks Radio.

Sunglasses at Night – Tiga
Animal Attraction – She Wants Revenge
Under Cover (assemblage23 remix) – The Essex
The Rains of Castamere – Syna vs Malukah
The Warden – Chelsea Wolfe
XIII – mr. kitty
Everything Is Mediocre – True Zebra
Martydom – FGFC820
When All Is Said and Done – Ancient Methods
You Can Be Happy (Combichrist remix) – IAMX
Gonna Getcha – Zombie Girl
Swallow (Oyster Mix by Punto Omega) – Emilie Autumn
Army of Me (Sucker Punch remix) – Björk feat. Skunk Anansie
Tes lèvres/Passe les portes – Position Parallele

What kind of music do you prefer at parties? Old school wave, or newer, more electronic music? This DJ in training needs to know.