OUTFIT: If You See Something, Say Nothing and Drink to Forget

Finally, I've managed to snap pictures of one of my Bunkerleute outfits. I tend to put taking photos very low on my list of priorities; there's not a lot of time left after I've chosen my outfit, done my make-up and cried over my playlists. Usually it's dark out when I'm finally done with everything and I'd advise against taking pictures of me at night; if you want to see a photo of a ghostly apparition, just google some creepypasta.
Harness: WGT - Top: H&M - Skirt: Asos - Boots: Demonia - Rings: WGT
Even though I'm enthusiastic about capturing one of my favourite party outfits on photo, it's kind of bittersweet. The quality of the pictures leaves much to be desired; it was drizzling which neither the camera not my hair liked very much. On the other hand, considering the fact we had about three minutes to take photos, it could have been infinitely worse.

As for the outfit itself, this is probably the most Wave-Gotik-Treffen my look could possibly get. Half of the things I'm wearing are spoils of war WGT. Even my trusty Demonia boots are a vestige of my very first year in Leipzig. It's a miracle that one, they've lasted this long and two, that this is the first time I've featured them in one of my outfit posts. I wear these with pretty much every party look. Funny thing is, if I hadn't forgotten my Re:agenz hood at home, this outfit would be even more WGT heavy.

Okay okay, I'll address the black lipstick question. I can't help it, it's an addiction; I just love how it looks in combination with my hair colour. Admittedly, it was kind of weird to be wearing make-up this heavy in broad daylight, especially according to the people in town; I'd almost forgotten what it feels like to have eyes piercing into my back.

Have any of you visited any interesting parties or events lately? Even though Bunkerleute was amazing as usual, my headache and stuffy nose forced me to go home by 3am. Damn these frail flesh vessels, am I right?

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