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MAKEUP: Painting the Roses Black

June 28, 2016Saskia C.

It's been a while since I did a proper makeup post. And by 'it's been a while' I mean, I have never actually done a proper makeup post. However, now I've graduated from my makeup classes I finally feel confident enough to show off some of my work. This particular look I've thought up for my final exam.

The theme we were given was 'fauna and flora' and since I'm about as cliché as they come, I used roses as my main source of inspiration. My little sister was kind enough to be my willing victim model and allowed me to take about five million pictures with my brand new lens which I am completely and utterly over the moon about. I haven't stopped taking photos since I got it. Please send help.

Feel free to leave a comment and criticise my makeup and photography skills (but not too harshly, I'm a delicate flower). Would you like to see more makeup looks in the future? It'd push me to do more than just roll out of bed and into some BB cream in the morning.

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  1. First, I'm biased because I love red eye shadow. I love the look of the eyes and the lipstick. I certainly would like to see more looks in future posts.

    I would have gone with roses too :D

  2. You two must get the "twins?" comment all the time!

  3. Nice make-up! What school did you take classes at?
    I love how your pictures look, what lens did you get? 50mm? 35mm?

    1. I went to Syntra Ukkel but I think you can take pretty much the same makeup classes at any of the Syntra schools. The lens I got is a Canon ef 50 mm f1.8 stm, and I can fully recommend it :)

  4. Very beautiful make up! There really is nothing to criticise here :D

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