PLAYLIST: Bunkerleute - The Abyss

Ah, Valentine's Day, the perfect time for a celebration of love. Did I say love? I obviously meant despair, the meaninglessness of life, and the knowledge that in the end the void will consume us all. I always mix those up. Luckily I can make it up to you with not one, but two playlists this time.
The Abyss - Part 1 from CatacombKitten on 8tracks Radio.

If I Had a Heart – Fever Ray
Wandering Star – Portishead 
Girl Loves Me – David Bowie 
Amnesia – Dead Can Dance 
 Little Black Angel – Death in June 
Suicide Landscape – The Beauty of Gemina 
Blow Northerne Wynd – Qntal 
Cardinal Directions – Thoushaltnot 
Horror Show – The Birthday Massacre 
Too Dark to See – Dark Poem 
Witches – Switchblade Symphony 
Demons – Chelsea Wolfe 
Black – The Soft Moon 
Totally Tot – Lebanon Hanover 
Tear You Apart – She Wants Revenge 

The Abyss - Part 2 from CatacombKitten on 8tracks Radio.

Rituals of Love in the Passage of Genocide, Song of Rose – Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
She’s in Parties – Bauhaus
Neglect – mr. kitty
Frost – Salem
First Piece of the Puzzle – Hologram_
Ultravioletfly – I:Scintilla
Congesta – Hedera Helix
Aphrodisiac – IAMX
Beat and the Pulse – Austra
The Cabin Door – Deine Lakaien
Nothing’s Sacred (Club Mix) – London after Midnight
Run Cold – Diva Destruction
Eviction – Linea Aspera
40 Days – The Exploding Boy
Siren – Solemn Novena
Not in Love – Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith

Are any of you celebrating Valentine's Day? I feel like those enjoying it unironically are becoming sparse. As for me, I'm the sappiest motherfucker in the world. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to celebrate Valentine's Day at the movies with a second dose of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Nothing says passion quite like Kylo Ren throwing a temper tantrum.

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