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February 26, 2016Saskia C.

So there I was, being a well-functioning blogger and preparing my posts in advance when suddenly I had bought half of the stuff in my collage before March had even started. Sorry, not sorry. I promise I'm a responsible adult. Sometimes.

Lush Popcorn lip scrub - Blackmooncosmetics Deranged liquid lipstick - Rogue + Wolf Chase ring - Tangle teezer - Maybelline 'Falsies' mascara -  Disturbia T-shirt - Rogue + Wolf  Eclipse necklace - Lookhuman American Horror Story racerback - Doc. Martens Molly boots - Dior Midnight Poison perfume - The X-files DVD box - Lush Ocean salt scrub

This year's birthday wishlist is surprisingly heavy on beauty products. Having a full-time job in winter has made me realise that there is more to life than just clothing and books, more specifically products that make my slowly decaying skin hurt slightly less. I can fully recommend the popcorn lip scrub, by the way. 10/10 would eat again.

Do you guys prefer getting useful gifts or do you tend to ask for things that are actually fun? I don't think I could handle getting a pair of socks on my birthday. I'd probably cry. Unless they were really, really cool socks, in which case I'd still cry but for different reasons.

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  1. There's some really awesome stuff there!

    I get given money quite a bit as people know I have unusual tastes, so a lot of it goes on clothes and books!

  2. I always struggle with what to pick for birthdays/Christmas since it's basically only my mum that buys me stuff and she is terrible when it comes to internet shopping. She can just about handle Amazon so my presents end up being books, DVDs, CDs and any other little bits that can be found there or what she can find in physical shops. It doesn't help that I can never pick what I want her to buy as I buy so much stuff myself. As for socks, I love socks, I kinda collect them. XD

    Those Docs are awesome though! But I have limited space for more shoes and I just bought the Velvet Daytonas. The next ones I want to buy are either the basic black 1461 for work or I want to find something like the Aimilita boots but since they've gone out of production it's a little tricky. UK 9 feet don't help as the available sizes tend to be very small (3,4) or something like an 8.

  3. That is all very fetch but where are the links so we can start ordering stuff? There's only 11 more days left.

  4. Definitely a nice wishlist and well, you deserve spoiling yourself sometimes!

  5. That T-shirt, holy carp I need it (meant to type holy CRAP but you know what, it'll do...).



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