REVIEW: Hype BB Cream and Loose Powder

A few weeks ago I came across this brand of makeup that I had never heard of before - shock and awe ensued. As it happened, I needed some new powder and had wanted to try BB cream for a while, plus it looked pretty and it was on sale and sometimes I'm a bit too easy a target for marketing campaigns. I got both products for €12 because there was a buy one get one free action going on.

BB Cream
I don't particularly like the feeling of (heavy) foundation on a regular work day, which is why it's weird that it has taken me so long to finally try BB cream. What I was hoping for was a light coverage to hide minor spots and blemishes. Sadly, I didn't see any difference after application. It didn't seem to cover up anything at all. Applying it more thickly was not an option either, since adding more made it look grainy and caked on.

I can't say much about its lasting power since I had no idea how much of it was still on my face by the end of the day because you know, it wasn't actually visible. I did like the fact that it didn't feel like I was wearing makeup at all and, most of all, how it actually matched my skin tone. That was definitely a first.

Loose powder
This was my first time buying loose powder and I'm already a convert; it's so much more practical than compact powder. There's not much to say about the quality of this particular product though; it fixates my makeup which is all I want a powder to do. The packaging is standard but pretty enough, the little holes make it easier to take just the right amount of powder on your brush. However, I'm not overly fond of the powder puff that comes with it. How anyone manages to use one of those is beyond me.

The verdict
Overall, the Hype BB cream and loose powder were quite generic and even a little bit disappointing. These are not the worst products I had ever used but I'll wager they won't be ranking high on anyone's favourite products list either. There's no use in throwing them out, but with so many better brands within the same price-range, I won't be buying them again either.

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