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PLAYLIST: Bunkerleute - Dark Underground Party

January 19, 2016Saskia C.

I have said it before and I will probably say it again: I don't write about music nearly often enough. Luckily, sometimes opportunities arise, people get new hobbies and wallets are left gaping and empty. What I'm trying to say is that I've picked up DJing and will from now on provide you with an actual, proper playlist once every three months. Why only once every three months, you ask? Because Bunkerleute, 'Only the Best Alternative Party in Belgium', takes place only once every three months. Find the Facebook event for the next edition HERE.

Dance of the Druids - Bear McCreary 
Draumar Töframannsins - DJ Flugvél Of Geimskip
The Curse of the Forest Nymphs - Dark Poem
Haunting - Lore feat. Sean Brennan
House of Metal - Chelsea Wolfe
Farewell - Deine Lakaien
The Order - Euzen
King Night - Salem
Science/Visions - CHVRCHES
Devour - mr. kitty
North Star - IAMX
The Dart - Näo
Carrion Flowers - Chelsea Wolfe
Lose - True Zebra
Your Joy Is My Low - IAMX
The Shadows Are You - Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat

Since I'm already preparing my next playlist I can really use your input. Leave a comment and tell me, what are your favourite songs to party to?

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  1. So many amazing songs to party to - but what I think would be quite important is adding songs that are not played every time, at least that is what most people seem to complain about!

  2. I have never been to Bunkerleute but go to Infekted party in Ghent every time ^^
    Would be nice to see a mix of old and new songs, that's what I personally like most.

  3. that´s so cool! too bad the party is being held so seldom. Your playlist is very darkwave, I have neve been to a darkwave event, is that what people dance to at Bunkerleute?
    I personally prefer post punk, punk 77 and wave music in my parties, with the occasional 80s hit here and there. But no Siouxsie, the Cure or Bauhaus, I prefer the rarities like Lene Lovich, Malaria and The Names



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