Outfits of 2015

Most style bloggers do a 'favourite outfits of 2015' post, which is a great concept, both to look back at how you, your blog and your photography skills have changed, and to cringe over your terrible fashion choices. Since I don't post as many ootds as I'd like, this is a roundup of (almost) all of the outfits I entrusted to the blogosphere in 2015.
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Even though I may be a potato, I am still the gothest potato of them all. I do love how my photos have clearly improved over the course of 2015. Hopefully they will get even better now that I've got a camera of my own to tinker with as I please.

Which outfit did you like best? I'm still very fond of my 'Say Hello, Melancholia' post, both because of the outfit and because of the quality of the pictures.