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January 08, 2016Saskia C.

Most style bloggers do a 'favourite outfits of 2015' post, which is a great concept, both to look back at how you, your blog and your photography skills have changed, and to cringe over your terrible fashion choices. Since I don't post as many ootds as I'd like, this is a roundup of (almost) all of the outfits I entrusted to the blogosphere in 2015.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
Even though I may be a potato, I am still the gothest potato of them all. I do love how my photos have clearly improved over the course of 2015. Hopefully they will get even better now that I've got a camera of my own to tinker with as I please.

Which outfit did you like best? I'm still very fond of my 'Say Hello, Melancholia' post, both because of the outfit and because of the quality of the pictures. 

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  1. I love each and everyone of these outfits!

  2. This roundup post has made three things clear to me:

    1. The overall quality of the photos has noticeably improved over the course of one year.
    2. You should definitely take it to the next level and try to make even more outfit posts in 2016.
    3. That hat addiction of yours has now become a serious thing and you should seek professional help.

    your boyfriend

  3. Every outfit is lovely! I would say, keep the hat addiction ;)

  4. I think I like the bat dress best, but I think all your outfits are great!

  5. A potato?! Sounds like it was a bad thing? then it is not true! I think your outfits are great and each is YOU!



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