OUTFIT: I'm Dead, Wanna Hook Up?

Today the fashion gods are smiling upon me. At long last, I am in possession of a faux fur coat. I can now reclaim my rightful place in the Sacred Hall of Alternative Lifestyle Bloggers. I will diminish, and go into the west, and remain CatacombKitten.
Hat: H&M - Coat: H&M - American Horror Story shirt: Camden - Skirt: H&M - Shoes: Doc. Martens - Choker: eBay - Necklace: eBay
Woops, I got a bit carried away there. Usually I steer clear of Tolkien references since once I start, I tend to not stop, ever. Anyhow, disaster averted. Besides, this outfit was inspired by a completely different one of my fandoms. How obvious is it that I drew (some) inspiration from Scream Queens? I know that my bitch face is not nearly as on point as Chanel Oberlin's but at least give me some credit for trying.

Before I'd watched Scream Queens, I used to believe that faux fur coats were nothing for me. They look bulky, unflattering, and are difficult to style, I always thought. Then I saw the Chanels and changed my opinion entirely, thanks to the severe emotional trauma that my fandoms tend to put me through. You may think you are looking at a responsible and emotionally stable adult, but alas, I must burst your bubble.

Fun fact: the amount of blooper photos that came out of this shoot is unreal. Rain seems to not only frizz up my hair, but also activate my Ridiculous Face Mechanism. Maybe, one day, I will share some of the dozens of outtakes I've gathered over the years. Some things are just too good to be left unpublished.

"But why have the weather gods forsaken me? Oh right, because I live in Belgium, that's why."
So, what is your opinion on faux fur coats, and how would you wear them? Being unable to properly style my new coat, up until now I've merely sat around caressing it and whispering sweet nothings into its fur. We can't all be fashionistas.

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