OUTFIT: By the Pricking of My Thumbs

I know I'm supposed to make a post somehow related to the holidays but honestly, working in retail has kind of killed my Christmas spirit. Violently. With a blunt axe. So instead of making the obligatory Christmas post, I've decided to finally post these outfit pictures that have been sitting on my laptop for at least two months, begging to be published.
Dress: Boohoo - Cardigan: Bershka - Hat: H&M - Necklace: eBay - Shoes: Doc. Martens
The intended title for this post was "Tartans for autumn? Groundbreaking" but since I have just been informed that autumn is already over, I'll just squeeze it in as a joke so no one forgets how funny I am.

The reason I didn't want to post these pictures at first was because I was less than pleased with the quality. Autumn does not only equal pretty tartan dresses but also overcast weather and rain, which my camera did not like at all. Although I have to admit, in retrospect, the pictures really aren't that bad at all. Maybe I'm too hard on myself, maybe I am finally desperate enough for something to post. Who will tell?

Even though these pictures were taken several weeks ago, I like to think you can already see my progress in makeup. My classes have been paying off. I haven't really been posting portfolio pictures but if you want to see how the hell I managed to pass my exams, there's a picture on my Instagram.

Please refrain from leaving any comments relating to the fact that I am wearing colour. I just suddenly really love tartans, okay? And no, it has nothing to do with my lingering Outlander obsession. NOTHING.
So, how is everyone spending their holidays? Anyone else missing autumn already?

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