The Chanels Go Goth

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if Glee and American Horror Story had a baby? No? Just me then. In case you're asking yourself that question now, that baby actually exists. Ryan Murphy, creator of both shows, has thought up the most glorious trainwreck of all time and its name is Scream Queens. I, for one, have found myself unironically adoring this show.

Like every other Scream Queens fan, I adore and loathe Chanel Oberlin. She's the most unpleasant, spoiled, horrible person in the world, which means she's one of the most entertaining characters in the history of everything. She has very few redeeming qualities but what I will say for her is that she's got an amazing sense of style. She shares her fashion know-how with her evil minions, the Chanels. Do you see where I'm going with this? Obviously I had to give my own spin on their looks.

Chanel Oberlin
H&M faux fur coat - Jeffrey Campbell Spike platform boots - MAC Vibrant Vibe lipglass - Boohoo blouse - Witch Worldwide sunglasses - Killstar ouija mini skirt - Double Trouble Apparel clutch
Although all of the Chanels are just a little bit too fond of faux fur, there was no way I was not going to add a fluffy coat to The Original Chanel's collage. I tried to stick with the general lines and shapes of her style and decided to quite simply paint it black. I did allow one splash of colour because Chanel wouldn't be Chanel without some pink lip gloss, obvi.

Chanel #2
Killstar choker - Boohoo halter top - Boohoo pleather skirt - Nikki Lipstick jumper - Killstar handbag - Thigh high socks - Freakchicboutique bow - UNIF platform sandals
It didn't take long for me to accidentally turn Chanel #2 pastel goth, woops. Maybe it's just that Ariana Grande makes her look creepy and cute at the same time which is the exact recipe for pastel goth. But maybe that's just an excuse and my hand slipped, who will tell?

Chanel #3
Crop top - Tulle skirt - Urbancode ear muffs - H&M sequin jacket - Pearl necklace - Mesh socks - Pink waist belt - Suede platform sandals
Chanel #3's staple pieces are of course, the earmuffs. I couldn't help throwing in a Mean Girls reference as well; it's impossible not to see the similarities. This is probably the least gothy look of them all; Chanel #3 refused the makeover and since disagreeing with a Chanel is pretty much a deathwish, I left it at that.

Chanel #5
Chic Star suspender skirt - Rogue + Wolf necklace - Boohoo collar blouse - H&M faux fur vest - Rebelsmarket sequin bow - MAC Speed Dial lipstick - Bordello pumps
In my humble opinion, Chanel #5 has the least interesting outfits which made it quite difficult to piece this look together. I started from her staple pieces, the tube skirt and hair accessory, and then added some items that worked well with those. I allowed her a faux fur vest since she's seems to wear one with almost every outfit. Don't tell Chanel #1.

I hope I've intrigued you to give Scream Queens a try, it's almost shameful how much I adore it. For those of you that are already watching, who is your favourite character, and who do you think is the killer?

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