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Ten Ungoth Confessions

November 29, 2015Saskia C.

It has taken me a very long time to come to terms with the fact that I am not, in fact, the the gothest of them all. May the goth cabal strike me down. Without further ado, I give you the real me:

  • It took me a while to finally admit to this but I love trash TV. Reality shows are far too entertaining. I have also watched every single episode of Glee and enjoyed it.
  • My taste in music is all over the place. I'm not a very picky listener, I try to listen to a lot of different genres but there are some I just can't get into. Deathrock is definitely not my thing. I will dance to it at a party but that is where our relationship ends.
  • I have never worn a perfectly black outfit. I own a white cat. 
Exhibit A: A very white cat
  • I don't understand why people go visit graveyards for shits and giggles (she said, frantically trying to cover her blog's title). I don't want to go as far as saying that it's disrespectful but I just don't understand the appeal.
  • Cigarettes are evil. Smoking is evil. Never in my life will I smoke, ever.  
  • In daily life, I look terrifyingly boring because of my normal human being disguise. You really don't want to run into me on a lazy Sunday.
  • Those who have been following my blog for a while will probably be (far too) aware of this, but I am a massive geek. By that I mean that I like things. Intensely and obsessively. Once I join a new fandom, I lose all chill. I will literally cry about my favourite characters.
Exhibit B: Geeking out at Pairi Daiza because I found a tiny stone circle that reminded me of Outlander. This is the face of a maniac.
  • I speak fluent meme. It's my primary means of communication.
  • The holidays are my absolute favourite time of the year. My mother likes to call me a hobbit for that exact reason. I love Christmas decorations, buying and giving presents, preparing food, and even some (!) Christmas songs. Come December, I become possessed by the spirit of Christmas and yes, I will wear ugly Christmas sweaters unironically. 
  • I have very conflicting feelings about spiders. They terrify me but please please please don't kill them, just put them outside okay, I said DON'T KILL THEM THOSE POOR THINGS 
Do you have any ungoth confessions you'd like to share or do you want to shout at me for shattering your hopes and dreams? Please let me know in a comment.

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  1. "Cigarettes are evil." I give you a 100% grade for not smoking. But is smoking a "gothy" thing? I know many Goths smoke but I'm sure a lot of them don't.

  2. - I discovered the scene when I was 18, so I am a late adopter.
    - I seriously, honestly, unironically like all shades of pink, except Umbridge's outfit.
    - I'm a sucker for good pop music.
    - My apartment is almost entirely white with no sings of gothness unless you go read the spines of books & cd's or count the dead bat on the wall.
    - I hate The Sisters Of Mercy and everything that sounds even remotely like it.
    - I do not even own all The Cure albums.

    I shall repent now.

  3. (First comment here - hello there!) I completely understand the whole fandom obsession. Although I am not one to cry, I get so very excited about stuff - I was far, far too thrilled when I received a 'Happy Birthday' from the Lost Boys (it was a RP-er on Tumblr who's just perfect at role playing the boys).
    Christmas time is also my favourite time of year - everything's so happy! Although I enjoy Halloween muchly, Christmas will always be my favourite holiday... though I don't think I'll ever wear a Christmas jumper (socks on the other hand...!)
    My own 'ungoth confessions' would be that my top two favourite bands aren't 'Goth' (Placebo and Nightwish), I do not like horror films (at least, those that are 'jump-out-of-your-skin'/ 'uber gory' films - managed only 20 minutes of Nightmare on Elm Street!), am not a huge fan of Nightmare Before Christmas and... I actually don't like wearing black at all times - in fact I have a pair of blue denim jeans which I wear relatively often!

    1. Yay, another person who does not like horror films! They scaaare me!

  4. I think to be goth you have to be accepting of other tastes, styles, etc. There might be a certain aesthetic but who cares? I am a sucker for Victoria's Secret lingerie and Pink brand sweats! I like shitty pop music, and I like to go to the gym.

  5. Oh and, I feel like I look relatively normal even if I do dress in all black most of the time. I also have naturally orangey red hair so I feel like one can only look but so "goth" when their hair is bright orange! :)

  6. Nice idea for post! I absolutely agree about hating cigarettes. At least avoiding them is good for health! And stupid TV shows, even sitcoms, are pretty fun to me.

  7. *nerd high fives you*
    Wearing Christmas sweaters unironically is the best and only way.

  8. Yeah, props to the nonsmoking thing. ALL the goths smoked when I was growing up (so did I). there was the rave thing too, so they were on all kinds of drugs too. I'm glad for a while goth was a drug-free thing, but I'm kind of not liking how I see more and more young kids posting glam shots of themselves smoking.

  9. This post made me smile as I was once asked how I'd describe my style and I said I was a lazy goth. I do the whole dressing up thing when the occasion calls for it or if I'm in the mood but most of the time I tend to chose staying in bed a few more minutes over fancy make up and hair dos.

  10. *giggles* ok, those were great! I have to agree on the cigarettes even though i have to admitt those that smell like vanilla or clove stuff... I like people to smoke those while standing next to them O_O°
    And sorry, I forgot everything else because KITTY!!!!

  11. How cool, love the post! And deathrock it´s my thing either, some songs here and there are ok but singers who are emulating a bat is sooo boring.



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