OUTFIT: Say Hello, Melancholia

What in the world has Saskia been up to? The boring truth is, she's mainly been working, sleeping and speaking about herself in the third person. In slightly more interesting news, I have also started taking makeup classes; this week's class on eyebrows has definitely helped me improve my appearance. I now look less '12-year-old playing with mother's makeup' and more 'will cut you up and eat your heart as a midnight snack' which is pretty much the look I'm going for.
Hat: H&M - Sunglasses: eBay - Scarf: H&M - Top: H&M - Cardigan: C&A - Pleather skirt: Boohoo - Tights: Lip Service - Shoes: Doc. Martens

It seems like mainstream stores in Belgium have finally started picking up on nugoth fashion in the last few months. Bad news for my wallet, good news for my wardrobe. For one, I am completely in love with my new hat. The crop top I picked up in August but it is still wearable in Halloween October when combined with a cardigan. As for the pleather skirt, it reminds me a bit of Sary which can only be a good thing.

In last week's post I also promised to take some decent pictures of my new hair; is in fact autumn-coloured now which definitely is a thing. Please ignore the fact that I am in desperate need of a haircut; my undercuts are getting so long I have to actually comb them (the horror!). I should probably get a haircut but adulting is hard plus I've got an amazing new hat so like, whatever.

I realise that the lack of cat photos in this outfit post is unforgivable. I had hoped to run into the adorable three-legged cat from next door but alas, no such luck.
Please let me know in the comments, what are your most notable wardrobe changes in autumn? Do you try to add in some colour or just switch to things that keep you warm? My favourite autumn look is called 'fluffy burrito' which is basically me covered in fifteen fleece blankets.

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