Pyjama Party

Here's a thought experiment: picture being the greatest goth that ever gothed during the day but still having to sleep in mainstream pyjamas at night. The absolute horror. Just imagine a vampire coming into your room and mistaking you for a puny mortal, or worse, a conformist. Obviously, we can't have that. But, fret no longer, I have made a small compilation of gothy sleepwear for you to fawn over and be inspired by.
Scary threads nighty - Lazy bones PJ set (source missing) - Killstar ouija candles - David & Goliath glow in the dark PJ set - Bat slippers (source missing) - Occult PJ set (only the top)
Really my inspiration for this post was the brand Scary Threads. I love the concept of alternative sleepwear because, as I have discovered while making this collage, finding interesting pyjamas is much more difficult than it seems. Their entire collection is currently on my wishlist because my David and Goliath pyjamas (pictured above) are sadly dying a slow but horrible death.

What about you; what does your nightwear look like? Do you like to maintain your lord of the underworld look at night or do you shed your disguise in exchange for a bright pink bunny nighty?