Style Concept: Goth Cheerleader Goes Post-Apocalyptic Cultist

A couple of days ago, Sary from The Walrus Room posted this amazing blog post dedicated to the reassessment of her own style. Not only did I love the concept, I was also in extreme procrastination mode due to my rapidly approaching law exam. In other words, I had to give it a try, immediately. Following Sary's example, I used this excellent template from Into Mind.
For me, this style concept is supposed to be a source of procrastinspiration rather than an attempt at keeping my style within certain bounds. The latter isn't even worth a try; I am entirely made up of contradiction, obsession and chaos. I'm awfully sorry, wallet, I can't help it either.

Mini Mood Board
Source 1 - Source 2 - Source 3 (missing)
Creating a mini mood board was more challenging than I had anticipated; I'd already spent several hours making five different versions before I finally decided on this one. Not to mention all of the scrolling through Tumblr I had to do to get to that point. Life can be really hard sometimes. 


I will freely admit that my talents do not lie in accessorizing or finding the perfect pieces or even in thrift shopping. No, my personal talent lies in needlessly creating a context for certain looks. "Yes of course I need another hooded cardigan; what if mine is in the laundry when Cthulhu awakens? Do you want me to get devoured?"

Colour Palette
I'll admit, I cheated. I used the entirety of my Tumblr and Pinterest rather than the above mini mood board to get these colours. I do love not having to worry about colour combinations, matching my blacks is hard enough as it is.

Key Pieces

Source 1 (missing) - Source 2 - Source 3 - Source 4 (missing) - Source 5 - Source 6 - Source 7
Five pieces, you say? Oops I've got seven, how did that happen? Obviously I'm blaming it on my rebellious nature and the fact that I live to break rules and not because I couldn't choose for the life of me. Obviously.

Having attended a Catholic primary school with an actual dress code, the word ‘uniform’ leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Besides, I feel like choosing one particular look that embodies my style would be far too limiting. So instead of merely glancing at a picture of a certain outfit before scrolling past, just imagine layers and layers of black clothes, ominously flapping in the wind. The person wearing the clothes is hidden under a dark hood. A storm is rising. Suddenly, all of the fabric is pulled up by the storm and the cloth disappears up in the night sky, in a whirlwind of black. You expect to see a person emerge from that darkness, but no one is there. You are completely and utterly alone. And then you wake up and question the entirety of your existence over your morning coffee*.

(*For dramatic effect: read this in Cecil Baldwin’s voice.)

Proportions and Wardrobe Categories
After all the work I've put into this, I can only say I'm disproportionately proud that I haven't used the word 'aesthetic' once. Tumblr has ruined me for life.
If you liked my style concept, be sure to check our Sary's and Amy's takes on it and don't forget to have a look at the original post and give it a try yourself.