OUTFIT: End of an Era

This outfit post is a final ode to my purple hair. From now on I will let it fade until it is pale enough to bleach in order to, if all goes well, go blonde. I will try to document the process so I can share my fuckups with you once I've finished. Luckily I do have a fancy new haircut to make up for the fact that I will look slightly more boring from now on.

H&M crop top - H&M skater skirt - Killstar purse - Doc. Martens - eBay sunglasses - eBay choker
Don't let my disguise fool you. I may have looked like this for the purpose of stepping outside my door but for the rest of the time, I've been curling up in my couch, reading, watching and rewatching Outlander, all the while sobbing violently and pouring wine down my throat. Ah yes, the final months of student life have been absolute bliss.

I like this nail polish not only because it's purple, but also because of its name: 'Berry Potter and Plumbledore'; well played, Catrice.
We had only a little more than ten minutes to take a decent set of photos for this outfit post. Normally it takes much longer to get even a couple of good shots but ironically, I loved this set so much I had trouble choosing my favourites. I can only hope I can manage to improve the quality of my photos even more in the future.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a series to rewatch and a book to wait by the mailbox for.

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