What Would Witches Wear

July 08, 2015Saskia C.

One of my favourite things in fashion blogging land has got to be the 'What Would [name] Wear' phenomenon. I had been looking into the theme for a while, wondering which fictional characters I could use for my own lookbook when I came across an article discussing the remake of the iconic '90s film The Craft. The remake makes some people excited beyond measure, others fear for the worst and some feel those two things simultaneously plus all kinds of other emotions they didn't even know existed. Shallow as I am, my first thought on hearing the news was: 'what would the characters of The Craft wear in 2015?'. And thus, a thought experiment had started.

Nancy Downs' outfit was not too challenging to come up with. Obviously a large part of the current nugoth aesthetic is based on the atmosphere of films like The Craft so there was plenty of choice.

Killstar leather jacket - Pentagram dress - Pentagram earrings - Restyle occult backpack - Heart choker - Restyle sunglasses - Disturbia necklace - MAC Film Noir lipstick - UNIF rival boots
Reinventing Sarah Bailey's style was something different altogether. Her taste changes throughout the film which makes it hard to pin one specific style on her. In the end I decided on a Dark Mori inspired ensemble with only a little bit of colour.

Tattoo choker - Cthulhu jewellery necklace - ZeroUV tinted sunglasses - Demonia boots - Topshop fringe top - Topshop maxi skirt - Black cardigan - Restyle messenger bag
At this point I don't even care about the quality of the film anymore, they should just hire me as a wardrobe stylist. What are your thoughts on the remake? Let me know in the comments and feel free to use lots of onomatopoeias and/or gifs if you are unable to express your emotions in words.

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  1. I am hesitantly excited for it. I have this kind of morbid curiosity about remakes. Like they'd never match up to the original and casting is a complete headache but I love the idea of older films with new effects. Labyrinth for me is a great example. They'd never be able to match David Bowie (although if they can find an equally cool, attractive, youngish male singer would be great! Brendon Urie could work if he can act...) but I'd love to see what they could do with today's technology since some of the sets/costumes look a tiny bit dated. I'd like them to still use costumes though rather than going too overboard with CGI.

  2. I've written a few posts for work being skeptic but excited for the remake. In the end I'm just happy that we'll have some more (hopefully good) Goth inspiration. Plus, there always needs to be more witches in media. I'm super excited.

  3. I love these ensembles! Nancy is awesome! I am still sad about what happened to her at the end!



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