At last, another band in the spotlight! I feel like the time is right to introduce you to the wondrous and very, very sexy world of IAMX. It's a bit of a miracle I don't mention them in each and every post I write because yes, they really are that good. Now seemed like the best possible time to do feature them since their next studio album will be released this fall and the (American and European) tour has just been announced.
Perfect human being Chris Corner. [Source]
IAMX is the solo project of vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Chris Corner. Corner is known for being the co-founder of 90s triphop band Sneaker Pimps, which kicked off his musical career. The name IAMX is a reference to Sneaker Pimps' first studio album, 'Becoming X'. Corner, who writes all of the lyrics and music and has also produced most of his own albums, has explained the name by saying that by founding this solo project he felt that he had actually 'become X'; the 'X' does not have one single meaning but is ever changing.
IAMX was initially founded in London but moved to Berlin in 2006; now they are based in LA, California.The lineup of the live performances is constantly changing; a couple of people who have performed with IAMX in the past are Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Sue Denim and Dee Plume.
In 2014 IAMX was off the radar for a couple of months due to Corner's chronic insomnia up until the beginning of 2015,  when the release of new album was announced.

It's almost impossible to pin down a genre for IAMX but the following description from their page gives a general idea, pretentious as it may sound: "dramatic synth-rock, darkness-infused pop, and intricately-constructed indie dance." IAMX's lyrics are often strangely poetic social and political commentaries, sometimes angry but mostly melancholical. Recurring themes are sexuality and erotica, the individual in society, gender bending, intoxication, obsession, death and immortality.

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I couldn't possibly pick a single favourite song but I do think 'Spit it Out' is quite representative of IAMX's general feel and sound. 'Happiness' is their newest track which will feature on the upcoming album. Fun fact: most of their music can be found on their official Youtube channel.