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July Favourites; or, Ignoring All of My Responsibilities As Usual

July 30, 2015Saskia C.

Ah July, month of delicious laziness. If I'd tell you I hadn't done anything productive for the entirety of this month, that would only be a marginal overstatement. Even the July sales were spent mostly from the comfort of my home, thanks to the wondrous world of the internet.
To be perfectly honest with you, the actual plan for yesterday's today's post was to make an outfit post featuring the shorts pictured below. Alas, the weather wouldn't cooperate and I was glued to my couch watching Ripper Street. Some days you just can't win.

Asos black velvet dress - eBay sunglasses - Divided shorts - Catrice Must Have STEELetto nail polish - Special Effects Deep Purple hair dye - Gosh foundation in porcelain - Lush Herbalism - Lush Vanishing Cream
Yes, I have finally discovered Lush and yes, it is glorious. You may remember that I am extremely bad at sticking to beauty routines. Luckily the Vanishing Cream smells intensely of lavender so I slap it on my face merely for the scent.
The Special Effects hair dye I have been using for almost three years now, but the reason I feature it now is because I will have to dye my hair in a natural colour in the very near, anxiety-inducing future; consider this an ode to Deep Purple. Pretending to be an adult is hard and apparently even requires a proper disguise.
Finally, the nail polish. Yes, it is in fact pink. I have no idea what has come over me. The adulting is getting to me.

If I had to be honest, I'd have to add in at least fifteen different TV series, seventeen video games, a tower of books, a whole lot of films and a small ocean of wine. Please allow me one more month of ignoring my responsibilities before I am mercilessly thrown into real life?

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  1. Please preserve a bit of your childhood. Young people that are adult are boring, says an eldergoth :-). Pink nailpolish is great especially with the combination of black clothes.

  2. those shorts do seem pretty awesome. and nothing wrong with pink nail polish. I'm wearing the most neon of neon nail polishes right now!

  3. Adulting is no fun! At least you can still wear black!

  4. Love the shorts! Gosh foundation is good, I was using it when I was teenager and really liked.

  5. pink nail polish is perfectly fine and as long as you feel good with something it is good for you.

  6. There is not always a need to change your hair colour. I'm heading towards 40 and still have purple hair. Or, again (as I did have natural hair for a while in between but now I'm in an organisation that doesn't mind, so I'm back to fun colours). I hope you find a job one day that allows your creative side to come through :-)



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