OUTFIT: Goths Just Wanna Have Fun

I kid of course, goths don't want to have fun. They want to mope all day and party all night, which is more or less what I have been doing for the past few weeks. I have been in mourning because Wave Gotik Treffen is officially over and because apparently I have exams now. Oh, isn't life just cruel.
No, the title of this post is merely referring to the fact that for some reason, today was a silly poses kind of day. I am not at all familiar with this concept of 'fun' you speak of.

H&M dress - Killstar crop sweater - eBay tights - eBay boots - Killstar purse - Sauron eBay ring - eBay tattoo choker
In other news, I've been looking like a walking billboard for Killstar these days. Not only is this crop sweater still one of my absolute favourite pieces, I also found my dream bag at WGT. You know, that purse I mentioned in about every single one of my previous blog posts. It was about €40 cheaper than it would have been with shipping costs. Needless to say, I was as euphoric as is allowed at a goth festival. 


The glasses I stole from Joshua because the daystar is evil and out to kill me.
I also wanted to show off my (relatively) freshly shaved undercuts. I had been wanting them more extreme for a while but for some reason it never seemed to happen. Until I let Tina roam free with a trimmer, that is. Suddenly I had half a head of hair less, which was actually rather relieving. 

And then, of course, the camera ran out of battery so we were forced to continue with Joshua's smartphone. Oh, the humanity. Have some bad quality close ups of my accessories.

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