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June 25, 2015Saskia C.

Finally I have awoken from my slumber. Exams are over and I have only postponed one till August. That means I'm only one exam of law away from being officially licensed to order your books. That's right, your books specifically. I will break into your home and put everything in its proper place. Are you scared yet? Joking aside, that means that I will post once a week again, on Wednesdays. Yes I'm sure today is Wednesday, your calendar is wrong.
To have a proper kickoff I have decided to try something new: music spotlights. Every now and then I will post a short blog about a band that I love or that I think is severely underrated but possibly both. Let me make it abundantly clear that this is not a promise but a promise to attempt, because by now we all know how well I deal with pressure. Without further ado, the first band in the spotlight: The Exploding Boy.

The Exploding Boy is first founded in Sweden in 2006 by Lars Andersson and Johan Sjöblom. Their first demo gets picked up by electronic popstar Sophie Rimheden; she likes their sound so much that she offers to produce their first album. After The Exploding Boy finds a third member, their first gig is booked which ends up being entirely sold out. Their first studioalbum comes out in 2007. In 2009 the band is asked to play at Wave Gotik Treffen which secures their reputation in the German and European alternative scene. Their performance is so memorable that they are asked at the WGT again in 2012 and 2015.
Today The Exploding Boy consists of four people: Lars Andersson, Johan Sjöblom, Nick Isgren and Stefan Axell.

  • The Exploding Boy (2007)
  • Afterglow (2009)
  • The Black Album (2011)
  • Four (2013)

Even though their music can be classified under the label post-punk, their sound is very contemporary and fresh. Their songs are generally very catchy and upbeat but with excellent lyrics. Their music really comes alive during a performance so if you get the chance to see them live, grab it with both hands.
If you want to listen to their music, have a look at their top tracks on; there's even a couple of songs up for free download there. Enjoy!


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  1. Feel free to come order my books haha, that would be awesome, i would put on The Cure and make you tea!

  2. Also, they named their band after a Cure song.

  3. Feeling like a fool not aware of this band!

  4. im with linnea, i dont think ive heard of them before but then again my head is simply chaotic and i forget everything, luckily my heart and lungs work on their own. but i like what i heard so far!!



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