OUTFIT: Flatforms Are Love, Flatforms Are Life

There will be no posts in the next two weeks because in exactly one week I will be ignoring all of my responsiblities in Leipzig. The week after I will have turned into a sobbing pile of despair because the WGT will be over and I will have no way to escape the horrifying truth, which is that I have to take exams. I'll be back in about three weeks, if I haven't rotted from the inside out by then. Come say hi if you see me at the WGT!

H&M hat - eBay choker - Killstar dress - Bershka cardigan - YRU shoes
There are two things you can tell from the title of this post: one, I waste spend way too much time on Tumblr, and two, I have new shoes and I am head over heels in love with them, pun unconditionally and irrevocably intended. 
These are without a doubt the most gorgeous sandals I have ever laid eyes on - not that that's really saying something because most sandals are hideous, but you get my drift. Not only are these flatforms stunning, they're also surprisingly comfortable. So far I have only fallen on my face once which is exceptional because I have a tendency to trip over pretty much everything.

The most important quality of these shoes is of course how much taller they make me seem. I can almost pass for a regular person while wearing them, which means that I don't have to climb on things to very nearly reach the top shelf of things. Suck on that, sensible footwear.
The very obvious moral of this story is that I need more flatforms in my life so I can blend in with the tall people and actually see things at concerts and festivals. Imagine that.

Casual reminder that I am still a dork

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