REVIEW: Overtone Extreme Purple Daily Conditioner

This is a review of the Overtone Extreme Purple daily conditioner. You can also find reviews of the Vibrant Pink conditioner HERE and of the Pastel Pink complete system HERE.

Let me start off by saying that purple hair is one of my absolute favourite things in this world; I love the way it looks and it makes me feel so much better about myself than any other hair colour. Unfortunately, keeping my hair purple is a hassle. Even though I dye my hair with Special Effects' Deep Purple, which lasts insanely long as far as unnatural dyes go, you can only wait so long until your regrowth is no longer socially acceptable.
For these exact reasons discovering Overtone seemed like The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. They're a brand of hair products that promise to either dye your natural hair a temporary unnatural colour or maintain your already dyed hair.

The concept sounded so promising that I decided to try the Extreme Purple Daily Conditioner despite its high price tag; Overtone's products are not exactly cheap. They also recommend using the conditioner with a Go Deep treatment but my wallet decided to ignore that advice. For the conditioner I paid 18$ plus overseas shipping, which was fairly expensive even when sharing the costs with a friend. 

The first thing that I noticed when I received the product was the smell. The conditioner smells very intensely like a combination of toothpaste and bubblegum. It wasn't much of a bother at first but there's only so much of a smell you can tolerate when your head is covered in it.
The application of the conditioner does not differ much from using any other conditioner, except for the fact that it dyes your hands purple. Luckily it doesn't really stain the skin and washing it off is easy.

The conditioner makes my hair feel very healthy and soft, and the smell doesn't linger on dry hair, thank god. As for the effect it has on my fading purple hair, I am rather disappointed. The difference it makes is so small that I hardly even notice it. That surprised me quite a bit since many purple-haired people had left positive reviews on the Overtone website. A possible explanation could be that Extreme Purple is a red-toned conditioner whereas my dye is a more blueish purple; it does seem to amplify the pink tones in my hair rather than darkening them. Another factor is that my hair dye is already extremely long-lasting.

Overall this is not a bad hair product, it just doesn't seem to be a very good match with my hair dye. If it were less expensive I would probably keep using it, if only for how soft it makes my hair feel, but not for 18$ + shipping. 
Alas, it seems I will have to stop being lazy and just redye my hair already.

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