Little Black Bags

Today is a short post (I am both drowning in work and suffocating in my own capacity to procrastinate) but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Next week's post may be more elaborate, but I refrain from making any promises - never underestimate the power of a procrastinating student.

In my post on surviving festivals I briefly mentioned the importance of owning a small, black bag. Coincidence has it that I am currently looking for a new purse and am utterly torn between several options. Making a collage seemed appropriate, especially as I am drowning in work and need to keep my reputation of expert procrastinator high.

Killstar coffin handbag - Bat wing purse - Ouija board shoulder sling purse - Killstar alien handbag - Bat backpack - Restyle skeleton handbag - Alchemy Gothic bat shoulder bag
Some of these would cost me several limbs but I love these so much I'm almost tempted to get out the circle saw.
I do hope you like this small selection and that it doesn't make you yearn for these purses in agony and horror like I do on a daily basis.