DIY: Pentagram Harness

If you're on Tumblr, Pinterest or Lookbook you have probably come across those stunning pentagram harnesses. You've also probably worn them like three years ago back when they were cool because I am once again late to the party but stop judging me, okay? Since I was looking for new party outfits and the harnesses that you can find online are ridiculously expensive, I decided to try and craft one of my own. I used a tutorial from The Mutant Stomp Friends.

In my enthousiasm I had forgotten a small detail: I am the worst DIY-er in history. When I craft something new, I fuck up beyond measure the first time, the second time I fail miserably, the third time I sob in a corner and question my life choices and by the fourth time things start to look slightly like what I had in mind if you approach them from the right angle. 

I started ruining things roughly the very second I started gathering my tools.

I figured it would have been useful to attach buttons to my string so I could reattach it easily. That might have been a good plan, if only my string hadn't been a meter too short. I bought five meters of string thinking it would be more than enough (hence the scissors). Obviously, I was wrong. 

I needed the hair clips to keep the string from winding. The safety pins are a necessary tool in every DIY project, mostly for stabbing my own finger tops. In this case they were also used to pin the harness in place since the string was too short to tie it.

I like to think that despite the fact the string was vertically challenged, the harness doesn't look half bad. Once I've sewn on another meter of string and added some buttons, I may even wear it to a party. Time to start looking for an outfit!

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