Cultist Goth: The Sequel

Since I blogged about my personal aesthetic last year, 'cultist goth' seems to actually have become a thing. Unfortunately the interwebz have decided to combine two terms that should never have been brought in each other's vicinity and have named this style 'goth ninja'. Needless to say, I am not angry; I am merely disappointed. So very disappointed.
As an act of rebellion I have made a collage to exemplify my personal take on cultist goth, which still includes copious amounts of black layers and added hoods. Add some occult symbolism, and leave out the martial arts. Sprinkle generously with self-mockery.

H&M cardigan - Asos gloves - Punk Rave hooded scarf - Cthulhu Jewellery necklace - MISSKrisp dress - H&M jumper - Asos belt - Topshop maxi skirt - Killstar leggings - Asos satchel bag - Killstar ouija candle - Necronomicon - MAC black lipstick - Boohoo boots
The only way to keep me from summoning some Elder Gods to beam this trend and its terrible taste in names to another dimension is, obviously, a peace offering. Luckily there is an upside to mainstream fashion adopting your personal style: suddenly regular stores start to sell interesting pieces at afforadable prices. My local H&M has suddenly turned into cultist goth heaven. I am appeased... for now.

I am curious; what do you think of mainstream fashion making alternative styles popular? Do you love the amount of cool clothes in mainstream stores or hate that suddenly you can't tell goths and fashion victims apart?

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