REVIEW: Fierce Magenta Lip Products

Not only did I get the most amazing birthday presents this year, some of them were in beautiful shades of purple. From my friend Tina (whose birthday is today - le gasp!) I got two purple lip glosses and a beautiful lipstick by Fierce Magenta. Even though I'm incapable of applying anything lip related without messing up, I hereby grant you a review.

Lip Gloss: Deep Purple and Purple Layla

First of all, I adore the deep, metallic colours of these glosses; I stood admiring my own lips for several minutes after applying them. Both shades are equally pleasant to wear and don't immediately dry out my lips as glosses tend to do. They were also less sticky than I had expected; not glueing all of my hair to my face is something I appreciate in a lip gloss.

However, there is a catch for us non-daily lip gloss wearers; the glosses were quite hard to apply evenly. Thanks to Tina's tips and Fierce Magenta's own advice I eventually managed it using a brush, initially blotting it on and then carefully adding layers from the tube until I was pleased with the result. Especially 'Deep Purple' posed a problem but by 'Purple Layla' I had the technique down... well, mostly. Obviously the glosses look even better in real life where there are no sudden flashes of light to highlight the uneven spots.

As for the staying power, 'Purple Layla' seems to stick slightly better than 'Deep Purple'. Wearing these glosses as a top coat over lip liner or lipstick would probably remedy that - I'm definitely going to experiment some more.

Lipstick: Bangles

As a certified academic I am deeply ashamed to admit that I have zero criticism about this lipstick. The colour is a beautiful, slightly shimmery bright purple. Applying this lipstick feels like using lip balm - it's soft and creamy, and doesn't dry out the lips in the slightest. I expected some kind of catch in the staying power but to my pleasant surprise one layer of 'Bangles' kept looking good throughout the night, even after a couple of drinks.

Chances are I will buy more colours from Fierce Magenta in the (near) future. Perhaps I should invest in some shades that aren't purple. Then again, why should I when there are so many purples I haven't tried yet? Ah, the thrilling life choices of CatacombKitten. To be continued...

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