OUTFIT: Witch in Training

Last weekend I felt the sudden urge to dress up, go outside and visit our lovely capital. Shocking, I know. While spelunking through the depths of my wardrobe I was delighted to rediscover my fantastic suspender skirt. The realisation that it would match perfectly with my sunhat came swiftly. There wasn't actually any sunshine to speak of but fuck the fashion police, right?

This event was the perfect excuse to wear more make-up than usual (yes, leaving the house is an event - my life is quite exciting, thank you very much). I took the opportunity to test my new MAC lipglass (a tint named 'rebel'). The shade is a beautiful bright purple but I am still not overly fond of the combination of long hair, windy weather and lip gloss.

H&M suspender skirt - Brandless longsleeve top - Lip Service tights - eBay sunhat - Doc. Martens boots
As much as I'd like to tell you where I got my necklace and rings, I wouldn't know where to start. I pick up jewellery as I go along. Some I get from family members, some I buy from eBay, some I get from shady shops in dark alleys and others I rob from the bodies of my slain enemies. In other words, most of the time I don't even remember where I got something.

Since I am a creature of habit I shall leave you with a picture depicting me in a desperate attempt for the attention of a cat once more. Banzai is obviously not giving a single fuck because cats really are a bunch of adorably evil bastards.

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