MAKE-UP: CatacombxKitten vs Procrastination

I hesitate to call this post 'my makeup routine' because, as you may have noticed from my blogging schedule, I am not all that familiar with the concept of 'routine'. I am bad at routine and excellent at procrastination. On the other hand, that does mean that the products I keep using and buying are good enough to make me want to stick to them.
First of all, this is the skin care I tend to use:

Rituals Smooth Operator lip balm - Vichy Idéalia skin cream
Every now and then I buy a series of skin creams, scrubs, lip balms, and face masks but they never last long. These are the only products I've kept using. Both are a bit pricey but I do think they're worth it, also because they last for quite a while. 
I always got the impression lip balms did more harm than good until I started using this one. If you don't like eucalyptus I would advise against trying it, though. The eucalyptus is strong in this one (and I mean very strong).
Skin cream also seemed like one of those things that merely happened to other people - until my mother got me this one. I realise I'm quite lucky: I have normal skin and rarely get breakouts, and if I do, the pimples have the decency to hide beneath my fringe - so I may not be able to tell you much about this skin cream except that it makes my skin very smooth and radiant, and that it smells amazing. Also it's pink! What more can you ask for?

Maybelline dream matte mousse - Catrice all round waterproof mascara - Catrice waterproof liquid eyeliner - Catrice waterproof eye pencil
As for makeup, I do have something vaguely resembling a routine (if you look at it very closely and squint). These are the products I use on a near-daily basis, which basically means whenever I absolutely cannot avoid going outside. 
The foundation was recommended to be my a friend so I haven't been using it for a very long time yet. So far, I am very fond of the texture but the colour is slightly too dark. Maybelline does sell lighter shades but alas, not in Belgian shops. I will have to order online next time.
And frankly, I never realised almost all of my daily makeup products were by Catrice until I took this picture. Their waterproof liquid eyeliner is just so incredibly good - it won't even come off when I take a shower of go swimming. Sadly, it is also the only of these three products that is actually waterproof. The mascara I only buy because it's cheap, there's nothing remarkable about the quality. And as for the eye pencil... Don't get me started on the eye pencil, I've been meaning to replace it with something equally cheap and actually decent. I'm sure that says enough.

I tried to take a picture of my face to show you what all those things look like together, but you know how it goes when you're using liquid eyeliner with something to prove. Feel free to follow me on Instagram if you feel like you really need to see pictures of my face.

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