OUTFIT: Killstar Witch Hood Dress

I've talked about my new found love for Killstar in one of my previous posts, so it seemed only fair to at least show and review one of their items as well. Please meet my new favourite item of clothing, the witch hood dress.

I just really, really love hoods, okay?
There's no denying it, I adore this dress from its hood down to its enormous, flappy bat sleeves. It has also misproven my statement on how it might be hard to dress like a cultist wearing a short skirt - I have never been more wrong in my life. 

Dress: Killstar
Tights: Lip Service
Shoes: Doc. Martens
Shawl: Zara
Nose-to-ear chain: NosetoEarStudio on Etsy

I'm not going to review it extensively, but I can definitely say that the dress is worth its money (especially if you can get it on sale, like I did). My order arrived very quickly and the packaging was lovely. The first thing I noticed was the dress' label, which amused me so much that I posted about it instantly.
The dress itself is made of a light fabric and is very flattering - I especially love the waistline. As for the sizing, I bought a size M and it fits very comfortably, even though I am more curvy than the models on the Killstar website. I like the combine the dress with my Cthulhu leggings, for ultimate cultisty comfiness.
And just... that hood, guys, that hood.

The dress also goes great with cats
Long story short, chances that I will order from Killstar again are pretty high. But first, time to accumulate some money, somehow...

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