OUTFIT: Antwerp Con

Last weekend I went to my first ever convention. Since we had decided to go on very short notice, I had to quickly put together an outfit that was not entirely terrible. The options were 'Ramona Flowers goes to Howarts' versus 'Cultist with impeccable fashion taste'. In the end I picked the second one, because who was I kidding, really?

Wait, who decided it was a good idea to give a sonic screwdriver to a cultist?

Dress: H&M
Leggings: Black Milk
Hoodie: Ovate
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: eBay
Gloves: Claire's

Since my outfit is not all that visible in the previous picture, here are some clearer ones in a not quite as interesting environment.

The convention itself was great fun; I saw lots of friends, among those Darcy, who had dressed up as Helena from the TV-show Orphan Black. If you don't know it, you should probably start watching right now because it's brilliant. I also met Pyramid Head and the Executioner from Resident Evil. Don't let looks deceive you, they were really nice. It might not show on the picture, but I was mentally fangirling.

Initially I'd feared that we'd never be able to keep busy from the very beginning of the con till the end, but we weren't bored for even a minute. There were panels with actors from Game of Thrones and Doctor Who, signing sessions, possibilities to play board games, a cosplay competition, a gaming hall, karaoke, comedy, Japanese food, and lots of sellers. Needless to say, our tiny introvert selves were exhausted when we finally decided to go home.

And last but definitely not least, the obligatory convention loot picture! I had set my mind on buying a wand (preferably Snape's) at the very least; mission accomplished, I'd say. My favourite comedian Xander De Rycke was also at the con, so I was able to buy his book at last. And finally I bought an expansion for the card game Netrunner, which I recommend wholeheartedly to anyone who likes board and/or card games.

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