REVIEW: The Goreys

Last week I got contacted by one of the people behind a recent web series named The Goreys. Today I finally got around to watching and I actually finished both seasons in one go. The final episode of season two should be coming out shortly, so be sure to have a look.

Much like our beloved Addams family, the Gorey family is nothing like their neighbours. Season one of this new web series starts out a lot like the Lizzie Bennet Diaries (of which it also borrows one of its lead actresses, Mary Kate Giles): Tori Gorey has to make a series of videos as a part of her therapy for social anxiety. She is one of the three Gorey sisters, who might seem like weirdos to the outside world, but in their family, the cheerleading sister is the odd one out. In the first few episodes we get to meet this lovely family of goths in a very quirky and playful atmosphere. It might all seem a bit awkward at first (the zombie in the second part might have confused me just a bit), but that vibe disappears after a couple of episodes. Soon the plot unravels but no matter what family fueds or strange supernatural creatures take the stage, the series never loses its quirky feel. However, from the first episode of season two on, the atmosphere does start to change slightly. I won't spoil anything, but the style is different and some interesting developments take place. Yet even when the situation seems bleak, the humour remains.
Generally The Goreys is a very fun and carefree web series to watch; the characters are all interesting and - speaking from a goth's perspective - actually well developed. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that every character had their own alternative style, which also made it more realistic. Some moments might come across as slightly cliché, but then again, goths can be a tad theatrical at times (maybe I should start using 'Bats!' as a curse from now on).
I would strongly recommend you have a look at these web series if you enjoy quirky shows like The Addams Family, Dark Shadows or The Munsters and if you aren't afraid of a little self-mockery. Don't expect a thick plot or heavy storylines, but do be prepared for some gothy references, hearty laughs and cringes of recognition.