DIY: Lovecraft

I've been sewing again! A friend of mine had a birthday last month and I wanted to give something original, something that no one else had. I immediately thought in the plushie direction, and since he's a fan of Lovecraft I decided to make a plushie of the man himself. There are so many plushies of Cthulhu for sale, but not one of the author that invented him. Clearly, something needed to be done about that. 
And I have to be honest. It was a learning process. I made tons of mistakes and at times I just wanted to throw the plushie out of the window. But I didn't. Which makes these pics of the WIP and the final result possible.

Can you see the despair in my eyes?

I had to look for the table when I was done

The final result!

With a tiny Necronomicon
In other words: don't ask me for sewing advice. I just wing it and then hate myself afterwards and then wing it again. But I am still quite proud of the final result, since this was my very first attempt at a human-like plushie.