Voltaire Signal Corps

I have really exciting news! Some of you may or may not already be familiar with the Voltaire Signal Corps. If you're not, I suggest you watch the following video.

In short, the Voltaire Signal Corps is Voltaire's official (online) street team. To join, all you need to do is like the VSC Facebook page.
What is the goal of the VSC, you ask? To spread the word about Voltaire, his music, his art, his novels and all the other brilliant things he does. Since Voltaire is a self-publisher, he has to take care of everything by himself, and that includes promoting. This is where the VSC come in. We help Voltaire to get recognition all over the internet and around the globe. In order to realise this, there will be missions posted on the VSC page that everyone may choose to participate in.

This is all very thrilling already, but here's the really exciting news: yesterday night I have officially been appointed as Officer of Belgian Affairs of the Voltaire Signal Corps! I still can't quite believe it but I'm very, very glad to be a part of all this.