CHALLENGE: Five Things

Thank you Steph for tagging me in this challenge! It's been a while since I last did one of these.


1. Thank the person who tagged you to this challenge and post a link to their blog.

2. Choose five blogs with less than 200 followers and pass the challenge on.

3. Wish them to pass the challenge onward.

5 Blogs 
- Confessions of an Australian Goth 
- Darkstalker Girl 
- Domesticated 
- Pandaemonic Incantations 
- Cadavre Exquis

5 Things you Need Everyday
- Books, or something to read in general;
- Coffee;
- Cuddles from (my) cats;
- Internet;
- Alone time in a comfy place.

5 Books You Would Recommend 
- At the Mountains of Madness (H.P. Lovecraft);
- Oryx and Crake (Margaret Atwood);
- The entire Song of Ice and Fire series (George R.R. Martin);
- The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde);
- Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen).

5 Materialistic Wishes For Christmas Presents
- A pretty jumper (with bats on it. Or a skull. Or black and purple stripes);
- Hell Bunny eyeball dress;
- What is Goth by Voltaire. I will be forever in debt of the person who buys this for me. Like, literally forever;
- Board games;

5 Places You Wish to Visit
- Tokyo
- New York
- Oxford
- Cambridge
- Berlin

5 Adjectives That Describe You Somehow
- Inconsistent
- Silly
- Dreamer
- Pensive
- Creative

5 Things You'd Say To People About Life
- No matter how nice you are, there will always be people you just can't seem to get along with;
- If you enjoy what you're doing, you're not 'wasting your time'. Having fun actually is important;
- There are many, many mean people. Don't waste your time wondering why they're so mean, there's way more better things to do;
- Don't be ashamed of the things you like;
- Try not to hold grudges, they're entirely pointless.