CHALLENGE: Five Things

June 26, 2013Saskia C.

Thank you Steph for tagging me in this challenge! It's been a while since I last did one of these.


1. Thank the person who tagged you to this challenge and post a link to their blog.

2. Choose five blogs with less than 200 followers and pass the challenge on.

3. Wish them to pass the challenge onward.

5 Blogs 

5 Things you Need Everyday
- Books, or something to read in general;
- Coffee;
- Cuddles from (my) cats;
- Internet;
- Alone time in a comfy place.

5 Books You Would Recommend 
- At the Mountains of Madness (H.P. Lovecraft);
- Oryx and Crake (Margaret Atwood);
- The entire Song of Ice and Fire series (George R.R. Martin);
- The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde);
- Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen).

5 Materialistic Wishes For Christmas Presents
- A pretty jumper (with bats on it. Or a skull. Or black and purple stripes);
- Hell Bunny eyeball dress;
- What is Goth by Voltaire. I will be forever in debt of the person who buys this for me. Like, literally forever;
- Board games;

5 Places You Wish to Visit
- Tokyo
- New York
- Oxford
- Cambridge
- Berlin

5 Adjectives That Describe You Somehow
- Inconsistent
- Silly
- Dreamer
- Pensive
- Creative

5 Things You'd Say To People About Life
- No matter how nice you are, there will always be people you just can't seem to get along with;
- If you enjoy what you're doing, you're not 'wasting your time'. Having fun actually is important;
- There are many, many mean people. Don't waste your time wondering why they're so mean, there's way more better things to do;
- Don't be ashamed of the things you like;
- Try not to hold grudges, they're entirely pointless.

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  1. Lovecraft, Jane Austen, Margaret Attwood, Oscar Wilde, what a great mix of literature!

    It is true, there are always some people out there who are mean just for the sake of it, good to remember it's not anyone's fault if those people are horrible to them. It's hard to remember, sometimes.

  2. Great lists :3 I also want that book by Voltaire ^^



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