OUTFIT: Dalek Cabaret

I wear a hat now. Hats are cool.

Remember how in my previous post I said I didn't wear enough hats? It was about time I did something about that.

'Exsanguinate' shirt: ShirtPunch
Longsleeve shirt: Lip Service
Skirt: H&M
Legwarmers: Zeeman
Creepers: Underground
Hat: H&M
Pleather jacket: C&A

I also bought a new ring for my nose, it's funny how much something so small can do for your appearance. I like to think I look slightly less cute than usually (don't burst my bubble, please). 
I've also redyed my hair but I'm thinking of using a slightly darker purple next time. I love the colour of this dye but it fades to pink so quickly.

And if you want to know how I've been spending my Easter holiday: bachelor's paper research, bachelor's paper research, more bachelor's paper research, writing a paper on English linguistics and freaking out about the next Game of Thrones episode and the rumour that they're not going to be true to the books this season. And obviously, more bachelor's paper research. 

Bachelor's paper research is not even half bad.

I have already returned one book to the library, I'm still waiting for another and I still have a shitload of articles to work through, too. Interesting? Yes. Fun? Most of the time. But an awful lot of work as well. 

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