OUTFIT: Am I Ramona Flowers Yet?

After years of wanting purple hair, a couple of failed bleach and dye jobs and finally turning to Special Effects, my hair is actually 'Pimpin' Purple'. I am extremely happy and henceforth consider myself a member of the SFX fanclub. This dye is fantastic.
Last week I also got this fantastic new shirt in the mail, I love it to bits. If you can't quite tell, it says 'Miskatonic Elementary' and has a tiny Cthulhu on a tricycle on it. As a Lovecraft enthusiast, I simply had no choice but to order it.
Shirt: 6DollarShirts
Longsleeve: Zeeman 
Trousers: Esprit
Creepers: Underground
Goggles: Actual welding goggles
Fingerless gloves: Present from a friend 

My beloved creepers
Also, I did learn a couple of tips and tricks concerning bleaching and dyeing so I'm considering making a blog post about it. Surely there are many people with much more experience, but if anyone would be interested in a post about my personal experience, just let me know.