OUTFIT: Halloween Hipsters

363 days till next Halloween! 
Alternatively, Halloween was three days ago. I hope everyone had a great time, either cosily at home or on an epic night out.
Personally, I was at a concert of my boyfriend's band, Devil in a Dress. We hadn't really planned to dress up but a couple days before the event I got a rather excellent idea (if I may say so myself).
For one night, Joshua and I were hipsters.
Not an iPhone, but close enough.
Joshua grew an ironic moustache for the occasion.

This is my arrogant face.

My dad's Canon 1000D was also part of the outfit, but it's not in the pictures for obvious reasons.

It wasn't exactly the best Halloween party ever, but we did have a late Halloween board game night yesterday which I thoroughly enjoyed despite of getting devoured by Rhan-Tegoth and Ghatanothoa. I also saw Amanda Palmer this week and now I'm addicted to 'Theatre Is Evil'. If you haven't listened to the new album yet, it's definitely worth giving a try.

What did everyone else do for Halloween and how did you dress up? I'm curious!