This week my boyfriend and I decided that it had been way too long since either of us had last set foot in a zoo. Since the one in Antwerp is the biggest zoo in Belgium, we left by train on Tuesday morning. We took Lonesome George, our turtle plushie, so he could go on a family visit. We had a fantastic day but I'll just let the pictures to speak for themselves. 

View from the train
O hai
Aww, they're hugging
Showing Lonesome George around
Family visit 1

Smile and wave, boys.

He's staring into your soul.

Joshua cares about George's safety

Best name ever

I like ice cream

Joshua does too... I think


Meerkat babies

Cutest. Furry little bastards. EVAR.

What do you want?

Family visit 2

Family visit 3


Sometimes I get these urges...

More meerkats. I might be addicted.

On the train home