Red & Black Week: Re-dyeing My Hair

I had actually planned something entirely different for my first Red & Black Week post (an outfit, to be more specific) but unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to take decent pictures. Hence a slightly more boring post. 
You might have noticed that I've had red(dish) hair for the past half year now. If you hadn't, well, now you know. I personally quite like this hair colour, though I'd prefer an even brighter red. Sadly, my hair is quite fragile so I'd rather not bleach it.


The hair dye I normally use is 'Red Passion' by 'Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL'. I'm extremely pleased with it, as my natural hair colour is a very dark brown and lighter colours don't usually take this well.
Anyway, it was about time I re-dyed my hair, so I took some before and after pictures.

Before, wearing a horrible shirt from my first high school


Another after, the exams are everything but kind to my skin

I hope I'll be able to post pictures of the outfit I had in mind tomorrow.