Yesterday night I found my mum and my boyfriend chasing a bird in our garden. The cats were a little too interested and the dog wasn't exactly helping either, but in the end we managed to catch it (I had scratches and dirty knees to prove it). It turned out to be a jackdaw that couldn't fly. We decided to put it in a cage for a while, so our cats couldn't try and catch it. 
Sadly, feeding it didn't work, so we just put a blanket over the cage to make it go to sleep and the next morning we set it free again (while keeping the cats locked inside the house of course). It's not the first time we save a bird from them, but I definitely enjoy taking care of animals.

By the way, I was extremely pleased with yesterday's Game of Thrones episode. I had looked forward to this one for a while, as George R.R. Martin himself was one of the writers, but this song came as a very pleasant surprise. 'The Rains of Castamere' is mentioned in the books very often but I had never hoped to dream that they'd actually make a version of it for the show. I think they did a great job.