OUTFIT: Emilie Autumn

Experience has taught me that overdressing is absolutely impossible when you're going to an Emilie Autumn concert. It took me days to figure out what I would wear to the event, but in the end getting dressed went pretty fast - well, as fast as putting on garter belts and corsets goes, of course.
My biggest question was what I would wear under my corset. As you probably know, Emilie and her crumpets generally don't wear very much on stage, a corset, a bra, underwear basically. I didn't want to copy them, but inspiration is never bad, right? So I tried wearing my lace shrug over my bra and it ended up looking really good. I asked a couple of people for their opinion, as I wasn't a hundred percent sure whether this was too much (or too little, interpret as you will). As even my mother seemed to like it, this became my concert outfit! I'm especially fond of the cameo on my bra, which I can't really show off otherwise.
Without further ado, this is what I wore.

Bra: Hunkemöller
Shrug: Coolcat
Corset: Burleska
Skirt: Dracula clothing
Garter belt: H&M
Stockings: FANS (alternative shop)
Shoes: TUK

I enjoyed the concert thoroughly. I'll admit, my expectations were not extremely high; I had looked up some of the new songs on youtube and especially the title track from the 'Fight Like a Girl' album didn't really speak to me much, but at the concert itself, even that sounded good.

The first song was 'Best Safety Lies in Fear', during which the Bloody Crumpets came on stage, one by one. Then '4 o'clock' started playing and Emilie moved from behind the giant screen onto the stage. I've seen Emilie Autumn live four times before, and this intro was basically the same as the last three times. I was wondering whether they would continue with 'Opheliac' again, when they didn't; 'Fight Like a Girl' was next, followed by my favourite of the new songs 'Time for Tea' - I still don't know why, but it keeps reminding me of Doctor Who. Then they continued with a track from 'Opheliac', 'The Art of Suicide' and another new one, 'Take the Pill', which I think is a very fierce yet sarcastic song; it also seems to be more electronic than most of her other music.
After that, there were three more 'Opheliac' songs for which the act hadn't changed much since last time I saw them: for 'Liar' Emilie finally took out her violin and 'God Help Me' was very entertaining, even though EA was playing the keyboard during the entire song; the Crumpets made it into quite a show. Then there was Veronica's infamous fan dance during the instrumental song 'Dominant', which gave Emilie some time to change for the next new song: 'Girls! Girls! Girls!'. This was, without a doubt, the song with the highest Broadway vibe of the entire night. Emilie was dressed as a man, convincing the crowd of her fantastic girls ("They're hot, they're nuts, they're suicidal!"). After this, they took a break from playing songs for a while, during which Veronica played the Rat Game with a girl from the crowd. They concluded the concert with three other new songs: 'We Want Them Young', 'Gaslight' and 'One Foot in Front of the Other'. The last one was a beautiful message to end the show with.

Source: Google images
  Of course the crowd demanded an encore and Emilie came back for 'Mad Girl' and 'Thank God I'm Pretty' (of which she let us sing the entire first verse). Then 'With Every Passing Day' played and Emilie danced with each of the Crumpets as an adorable finale. Monty Python's 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' started playing and then the show was over.

The order and feel of the songs really gave everything a Broadway musical vibe, I do think reading the book before you go to one of the FLAG shows helps to understand everything better. As for me, even though I don't really like the song 'Fight Like a Girl', the FLAG era promises to be very interesting and just as entertaining as before. I definitely can't wait until the album finally comes out. 

Little tip for other fans who can't wait: you can download the 'Fight Like a Girl' and 'Time for Tea' single on EA's site for $0.99. I know I couldn't resist...

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