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January 12, 2012Saskia C.

I usually don't have the time to go shopping during the January sales, as I always have exams during that period, but as it happens, I had a couple minutes of free time while I was in Mechelen. I decided to have a look at the sales in the Coolcat. A lovely lace shrug immediately caught my eye. I couldn't help myself, I had been looking for something like this for a very long time, so a few minutes later I walked out of the store, carrying a plastic bag with the shrug in it.

Top: Coolcat
Petticoat: Hell Bunny
Shrug: Coolcat
Tights: H&M
Boots: Demonia
Necklace: Dracula clothing

Other than that, nothing much has happened in the past days. Today I worked on my analysis of Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' for my oral exam on English literature. I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow so I can start studying my notes for the same subject, the exam is next Tuesday afternoon.
Wish me luck!

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  1. lovely outfit! especially the petti

  2. This is EXACTLY the kind of outfit that I would wear. In fact I ordered the same necklace and very similar looking boots two days ago! Needless to say, gorgeous look! Good luck in your exam :) x

  3. Great find! That will go with lots of things. I love how it works with the petticoat!

  4. Does everybody have to analyse The Picture Of Dorian Gray? I had to do it for my English exam last year. :D

  5. @VictorianKitty: Thanks!
    @Sara: We got to pick a 19th century author so I chose Oscar Wilde, as he's one of my favourites. It's very much in depth, so I'm afraid I'll need at least an entire day tomorrow as well.

  6. OH WILDE! Oh, how I love Wilde!!! *swoon* Good luck with the analysis and the exam. I would be so distracted by how deliciously wonderful he was to get anything done. It took me forever to right a review of "The Decay of Lying" for my Art Nouveau class a few years ago. Why? Because I got so caught up in the details that I couldn't help myself. LOVE.

    Now on to you -- You look absolutely adorable, sassy and gorgeous. Wilde would be proud. ;)

  7. Wilde is fantastic, indeed! Yesterday I got caught up reading some of his quotes, the man was a genius and extremely inspirational.
    I need to finish my analysis today, so let's hope that works out. Thank you for your kind words!

  8. Love the shrug, skirt and boots! <3



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