PERSONAL: Sinterklaas

December 04, 2011Saskia C.

This morning we celebrated 'Sinterklaas' at home. For the people who have no idea what this is (which I suspect to be the majority of my readers): it's a holiday in Belgium and the Netherlands, on which children get presents from Sinterklaas. He's pretty much the Catholic equivalent of Santa Claus. As you can see, even their names are alike.
My sister and me are actually too old to get presents, but my parents like Sinterklaas and so do we, so we decided to celebrate it once more.
We got spice nuts, tangerines, 'speculaas' (brown spiced biscuits), marzipan, 'amandelstaven' (pastry with almonds) and lots of chocolate.

Also, remember the David & Goliath pyjama I saw in Edinburgh? Guess what Sinterklaas brought for me...

Thank you, Sinterklaas!

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  1. nice present !
    Where I used to live in Zele ( little town between Gent and Dendermonde ) We celebrate 'Sint-Maarten' and even thought I am also to ols to get presents , I did get some ^^ ( A pair of gloves and a hat ) I love all of the chocolate these days ! ^^

  2. That was a perfect gift for you, since you wanted it so much! Are they reading your blog? :)

  3. I've seen that shirt before as a t-shirt here in the States! I think it was in Five Below...

    Who cares about being "to old" for the holiday? That hasn't stopped my father from fiercely arguing and/or swearing if we even mention the truth about Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, despite the fact that my 3 sisters and I are all legal adults now and have not yet produced offspring.

    This age factor has also not prevented my dad from insisting on the continuation of numerous Christmas traditions that my mom had originally created for us as little kids to make things like cutting down an evergreen tree more bearable.

  4. Oh that holiday sounds really lovely! I've never heard of it, I shall have to look it up. Love the pj's! x



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