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Winter is Coming: Tips for Cold Weather

November 24, 2011Saskia C.

I know I promised to post about the a hundred readers surprise in the next blog post, but I'm having some technical issues. Hopefully they'll be solved soon, because I really can't wait to blog about this.
Awaiting the surprise, here's something else that just might come in handy these days.

I don't know how everyone else is keeping but in Belgium it's starting to get really cold. I am a terribly chilly person and I'm cold almost all the time, so I thought it might be a good idea to share some tips and tricks to stay warm (and gothy) during winter.

- Layers.
I bet you know that feeling of getting out of bed, feeling the cold and being terribly tempted to put on your extremely warm, but unfortunately hideous hoodie. An alternative would be to wear a couple more layers than usual. I know it's kind of a cliché, but layers are definitely a life saver when it's cold. Blouses, (tank) tops, T-shirts, they're all layerable.

- Long skirts.
A miniskirt is not exactly your best option if you're planning on staying warm. Add warm tights and you've got a cold proof outfit.

- Still want to wear short skirts? If you can't resist, layer your tights. Two layers of thin ones can already make a difference. Or be creative and wear black tights with holes in them over bright coloured tights.

- If it's really too cold to wear skirts, wear some warm tights under your trousers. I do this all the time, no one notices it and it's really warm.

- Boots.
Winter is also the best time to dig up your stompy or victorian boots, or your pair of New Rocks or Doc. Martens. Try to avoid high heels when it's freezing, though. A decent pair of shoes will get you a long way. I admit, I've even worn moonboots on extremely cold and snowy days and gotten away with it!

- Find yourself some fancy headwear. I personally think earmuffs look kind of silly, but headphones will also keep your ears warm.

- Fingerless gloves are great, unfortunately they won't be of much use in winter. Find yourself a decent pair of striped or pretty coloured gloves, there's more choice in this than you might think.

- When you have short hair, this is not a very useful tip, but I personally keep my hair down most of the time. It really helps to keep my head, ears and neck warm. Of course, wearing scarves might be an even better plan.

- Wear primer! Eyes get cold and teary when it's cold; not the ideal conditions to wear make-up. Primer will keep your eyeshadow where it belongs.

- Last but not least: take care of yourself. You don't have to worry about not looking your best during winter. Everyone's walking around with red noses and silly hats; staying warm is more important than looking good.

Winter is also an excellent excuse to drink lots of tea, coffee and hot chocolate, so it's not all bad.

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  1. I think we have a typical belgium winter here in sweden right now. No snow, frost or freezing degrees and upon that no light from the sun (it sets about 2 pm). It's very depressing. I use skirts and tights and upon that my all weather sport trousers. Indoors I take the trousers off.

  2. I'm not a big fan of layering, because it gets met terribly sweaty, especially when I hve to get in and out of buildings all the time. I prefer to wear one big warm pull with my winter coat over it. Same with tights under my pants, they get all sweaty and uncomfortable, I prefer hip or knee tights under my pants.
    Gloves can be layered if you really want to wear your fingerless gloves.
    Heels are never a good idea when it's freezing, you might fall. What you need in winter are decent and stable boots. Docs are perfect.
    I love my new hat: ^^

  3. I use a lot of this advice myself, so I think it's excellent advice! Especially the hot tea drinking- I become a tea fiend in these months.

    Great advice!

  4. I want more lifestyle tips from you! Loved them.
    Tot voor kort was ik ook geen fan van oorwarmers. Maar ze zijn nu eenmaal warm! Zoals je zelf zei: warmte boven alles. Ik heb me onlangs een paar gekocht. Zwarte uiteraard. En 'fluffy'. Ik vind dat ze er even stom uitzien als een hoofdtelefoon. Ze zijn alleen 'fluffier'. ^^

  5. great tips! In Sweden were i live it's kind of -30 all the time after 1 december, so i need all advice i can get.



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