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OUTFIT: Bats & Bows

September 08, 2011Saskia C.

This is what I wore on Tuesday. I felt like trying something new, so I ended up combining my favourite skirt with a vest and my brand new tights (I love Claire's Halloween collection!). I also did some experimenting with make-up that night.

Skirt: Dracula Clothing
Long sleeved shirt: Esprit
Girlie shirt: X-tra-X
Vest: Pimkie
Tights: Claire's
Shoes: TUK
Bow: Claire's

And a closer look at my make-up:

- White powder, pink blush, white highlighter
- Purple eyeshadow shimmer powder by 2true and Gosh
- Black smokey eyes pencil and black eye pencil by Essence, black liquid eyeliner by 2true
- Pink lipstick

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  1. owyeah! I've also been to the claire's and got myself the same stockings and much much more .. too much :p spend like 80€ there on halloweenstuff XD love it!

  2. Oh I know the feeling, I always have such a hard time not buying all of their Halloween stuff :p I also bought the bloody skeleton (hair) clips.

    1. I was in London last weekend, and i saw a Clarie's with all their halloweenstuff hanging there and just waiting for me, but our bus were going in five minutes, so i couldn't go in there. D: And in Stockholm, were i live, there is no Clarie's.

  3. those hands? yup got the same ones :p got also skeleton earrings, gloves with bones on it, hairclip with spider, other stocking mith bones on, eyepatch with skull on , kitty ears hairclips, ...

  4. I also wanted those skeleton stockings, but they look like they're really bad quality, so I ended up not buying them after all.

  5. Cute outfit and gorgeous makeup!

  6. it is bad quality :p but just for halloween, why not ... if i have some time i'm gonna make my own

  7. Ooh, make your own? How? Teach me!

  8. OMG! This is such a cute outfit! You look adorable! Very pretty.

  9. I second Mary: Adorable!! Brilliant how you matched the tights with the hair bow and the shoes with the skull shirt!

  10. Thank you both ^^ Glad you like it!

  11. I love the tights! I want some! Also, the bow and the makeup skills... hell, I want your whole outfit! So cute!

  12. Such an amazingly adorable outfit! LOVE the tights and the makeup!

  13. Great outfit and the tache de beauté really suits you, beauty. ;p

  14. Lovely outfit! Yay to Halloween shopping.

  15. I had to force myself to leave Claire's the other day in Dublin because I just wanted EVERYTHING. They have the most evil/awesome looking cat earrings in their Halloween collection! Your outfit is beautiful and it's definitely inspiring me to try out some more festive items in my wardrobe. Lovin those tights. :)



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